Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Nap Time

Greetings and Salutations, my beloved Blogger world!

I have a few blissfully quiet moments right now, while my babies are at school, napping, or otherwise quietly occupying themselves and I had a strong urge to write. Something. Anything. I thought maybe a blogging update was in order.

Our lives these days are contentedly hectic, as we settle into the Fall season (my favorite!) and I often find myself wishing I had just a little chunk of time somewhere in the day to write. Usually, the urge comes upon me after DH and I have gotten the kiddles all settled and in bed and I have finished up my chores (you know, the endless piles of dishes and dirty laundry that we never seem to get to the bottom of) but I'm generally too tired to do much of anything but fall into bed and maybe read a book or watch a movie on my Kindle. Last night, while watching the latest episode of Walking Dead, DH came home to find me with the Kindle laying across my chest, sprawled across the bed, sound asleep. I think he said he got home around 8:30. I'm usually that tired. And no, I didn't make it through the whole show.

I've had various school holiday parties to make treats for, and our own (new tradition!) Halloween party, as well as DD's sixth birthday party this past weekend. I also got hand-me-down clothes from a neighbor for my littles and bags of clothes for myself from a cousin, all of which had to be sorted, folded, washed, in some cases tried-on, and put away. My pile of laundry in the basement is still ridiculous. But then again, it always is. You wouldn't think tiny people could create so much extra laundry, but they do. Trust me, they do.

I've got so many things I want to write about, but again, so little time for writing these days. For now, I'll settle on jotting down a list of topics I WANT to write about, and maybe I'll try to set aside one night a week to write about them:

1. Our Fall walks, in which we jump in streams, drink tea from travel mugs, peep some leaves, and take ridiculous family pictures on our new selfie stick.
2. My dad being in the hospital, now in significantly improved condition in comparison to his condition just a few weeks ago.
3. The death of a loved one that I found out about a few weeks ago. (I started a post on this one when I found out but never had a moment to finish and publish it).
4. My thoughts on creating a new blog with a much "lighter" (in general) theme, in which I could talk about the daily goings-on of our family. I'm dying for an outlet to keep track of all the little moments of our days - things that I don't want to forget - so it would be a journal, of sorts. I did this for DH when he went on his foreign trip this past summer and I LOVED the results - I kept track of such tiny minutiae during the day for three weeks, which was tiresome but so, so awesome too. I think the kids will really appreciate it in the future.
5. I need a maid. And a personal chef. And a personal trainer. And can we throw in a butler for good measure? I'm not even sure what the point of a butler is, but it seems like one such character would complete the image. The only thing I don't need is a Nanny - if I had all these other people hanging around, I'd get to spend nearly every minute doing fantastic stuff with my littles. Ahhhh, a pipe dream.

Anywho, naptime is nearly over and I'm sure the littles will be popping their heads into the room any time now to ask about lunch or some other important thing.

Hopefully I can carve some time out in my schedule to get back to blogging again soon. I miss writing and I miss my blogging friends. I hope you guys are as fulfilled in your lives as I feel in mine and are enjoying the change of seasons.




  1. Sounds wonderful. To answer the question about butlers, they answer the door, acting as a guard to the home, and supervise the other household servants. :-)

    1. Ah! Thank you, Judy. The mystery has been solved. :)

  2. Ah, that's why they always say "butler did it." For he has nothing to do really. I couldn't resist

    1. Okay, so the Butler's real purpose is to be blamed for all! YES! I'm totally using that.

      "Hey, what happened here?"
      "The Butler did it!"
      "Hey, who broke the vase?"
      "The Butler did it!"
      "Hey, why didn't you make dinner tonight?"
      "Uh, the Butler did it?"

      Schweet. I think it will work, Joan!

  3. My stepMIL has a guy that's sort of a butler, but damn if I can figure out what he does besides make excuses to not work.

    It's nice seeing a post from you :)

  4. Hey, great to "see" you! And to hear you all are well. Oooo, the laundry, the thigh high laundry! Ah, it'll be there tomorrow and no one is gonna be bare butt in the meantime, right?! ;)

    1. If there are bare butts running around, it's just their personal preference! :) Sometimes, you just gotta get nakie!

  5. If you hire help, fill your medicine cabinet with marbles so you will know if/when they rummage around looking for pain med's.