Friday, August 2, 2013

Shitting Rainbows

I have an apology to make
I've not been kind for kindness' sake
to all the readers who've found their way
to my blog by mistake
they didn't mean to read a word
were, in fact, quite deterred
by the things I've had to say
real, imagined, or inferred
After stumbling upon my writing,
apostate, confused, and reciting
the mantras of their own dysfunctions
these folks found this place less than inviting
So I must offer my apologies
for hurting the apparently
dismissed, discarded, attention junkies
who just don't like my hyperbole
So many have come here
with intent to find answers
and instead have been bombarded by
various word-cancers
that eat at them from the inside out
OH! If only they hadn't looked about
they might not have seen the crap on this page
that I only wrote to incite their rage.

Perhaps I should add a disclaimer to this website that reads: Potential Readers Beware. If you are expecting that this blog should consist of discussions on unicorns and how to shit rainbows and other such delusional drivel, then this blog is not for you. Feel free to either begin or to continue leaving commentary consistent with your judgmental, critical, ignorant, and hypocritical views, but please do understand that there will be laughter. Much, much laughter at your expense. If you don't like to be laughed at, I suggest you move along quickly and with little fuss.


  1. I'm good with it just don't expect me to shit a unicorn.

  2. Ummm, you're at an ACON Blog. WTF did you expect? There's nothing "sweet" about abusing and/or neglecting your kids. This is not a "Happy Endings" ad for a Massage Parlor. In the event you don't recognize the results of your "Parenting" is no surprise to any ACON.
    And that's exactly why we walked away.

  3. You seem to have a lot of notoriety among the daily strength ilk. Would you care to speculate why you attract these guys like flies on a turd? My anonymous trolls pop up after I post a particularly misogynist post. Which leads me to believe I am a target of Cali's flying monkey patrol.

    1. Ah yes, DH and I were just discussing how it is that I attract these POS's. I think, given their search terms, these are often people who are looking on the web for form letters to send to their own estranged adult children. So naturally, they often claim they've found my blog "my mistake" or that they "just happened upon it" which isn't really true and what I think they mean by that is that they were searching for something very similar to what they actually wanted to find, EXCEPT that the opinions and conjectures I present are on the opposite side of the coin. They want to find form letters and shit that supports their agendas, but they don't expect that they'll click on this "form letter" post and find someone who's presenting as an evil, decietful and generally shitty work of "art" to send to their kids. So they think they're getting lucky with the find of the century (a totally awesome form letter that takes all of the work out of them having to create one on their own) and then they realize that I'm actually saying, "Hey look at this shitty form letter I found that we've been on the receiving end of."

      They find their form letter here but not the opinions that agree with their own. And since they clearly aren't up for a discussion and don't want to hear what anyone could possibly say on the matter if it doesn't support their agenda, they tend to just drop their bombs and peace the fuck out.

    2. Maybe you could provide them with your own version of a form letter!

      I'd like one to use when I want people to get the fuck outta my life. Just please make sure you don't use any words longer than one or two syllables. Oh, and be nice and polite just in case they have any feelings that might get hurt.

      If it would help, I have cute puppy and kitten pictures you can use on your blog.

      If I'm being too passive-aggressive let me know and I'll reign it in!

    3. My own form letter, eh? That's a great idea Mulderfan. Except I wouldn't go the puppies and kitten route. I'd go with the "what the estranged parents REALLY want to say" route. That would probably turn them off when they saw the google preview for a "form letter" on my blog.

    4. Oh, please, please, please write that form letter. I'd LOVE to read that.

    5. I think I will. I think it sure would be more accurate than the one we received from NMIL.

  4. Did I miss something? Have you made new friends?

    1. Nah, I just find it interesting how many anon trolls wind up on my form letter post - and the ones who end up leaving comments represent kind of a small group of people who find the post with search terms like, "how to write a leter to my estranged adult child" and "form letter of amends for adult child." And when they do choose to leave comments, they are full of hypocritical, holier-than-thou mentalities. They rarely end up reading the rest of my blog and they also rarely come back. I think most of them are very angry individuals who are looking for the easy way out of their own estrangements from their "loved" ones.

  5. They remind me of politicians that have been caught committing egregious and despicable acts who want to sweep their reprehensible behavior under the rug by taking a two week sensitivity course

    1. Yeah, you've got those fuckers pegged.

  6. I love this... and I love your blog. I only wish I'd have found it sooner. My husband initiated NC with his mom over 6 mo ago. She is a bible thumping bitch who feels it is her place in life to convert everyone she comes into contact with. My dh realized the extent of her evil ways (deep down he's known it all along,) when we refused to let her indoctrinate and fearmonger our kids. We are in the process of moving and almost made a clean break. Then my bil drops by unnanounced while we were out. Being his nosy self, I'm sure he looked in the window and saw the boxes... and no doubt told my mil. I'm truly sick of these people. Never had my blood pressure rise by mere mention of someone's name before I met them. I'm glad I found this blog. I hate that so many people are dealing with the same issue. It does seem as though victims are starting to stand their ground. Makes me proud. Whomever says that blood is thicker than water has never been a victim of narcissism. In my book, fuck bad blood. One has to earn respect, love and loyalty. Anyone who thinks differently ought to try on a different pair of shoes before spouting such nonsense. Thanks again, Jonsi.