Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Warriors, Come Out To Play-Ay

The war wages on, my friends and fellow Truth Warriors. And we will continue to fight the good fight, even as those crazy mother-fuckers sit in their cars clanking their glass bottles together, trying to draw us out in the open on their terms so they can ambush us.

I recently googled my real name, as I do from time to time just to see what comes up, and I made an interesting discovery: A comment left on the post of a relatively obscure website, in which the commenter used my real name in association with a link to a post on my blog. When I googled my full name, this article was the first entry of search results in Google:

Have you ever wondered whether all of your snarky tweets about X Factor and hilarious little quips about those working in social media could be collected into one place, so you can just sit there and browse through your own awesomeness? Well narcissists of the internet, that's now possible, as Twitter is introducing a way for you to download all of the garbage you've been tweeting over the past few years into one handy file. According to reports from Venture Beat and The Next Web, the feature has been rumoured for some time and now a select number of users will see a "Your Twitter Archive" option on their settings page. If you're one of the lucky ones to have the feature early, then when you click on that link you'll be able to download all of your tweets, which will be emailed to you as a zip file in an html format. From there you can see all of your word vomit from the beginning of time (or when you signed up) and can browse by month. Although we imagine this could in some way be useful for brands charting the way their content has evolved over the years we mainly just think it's a bit pointless. The last thing we want to see is how dumb we sounded a year ago when we thought we were being really hilarious. Do you plan on downloading your tweets? If so TELL US WHY THE HELL YOU'D BOTHER... 

In the website preview, I could see that Sara left the following comment on that article, which was promptly removed once I contacted the website editor (though not before I took a few screenshots of it for my own records. Anyone who wants to see those screenshots can email me and I'll gladly share):

On Wednesday, January 2, 2013 at 1:41 PM, Sara wrote, "[Jonsi Jones] does a hilarious riff on her SIL's tweets at http://jonsi-jonsi.blogspot.com/2012/12/your-ignorance.html. It's kind of sad in a way but this post speaks to the ways one can identify a narcissist."

I've got several theories on what's behind this particular fuckery, and most of them don't paint Sara in a good light. After gathering my thoughts, what I'm most inclined to believe is that Sara is a non-friend with dark motives. Given the content of the article, the context of the post on my blog that Sara linked to, and the nature of her comment, I'm fairly certain there's much more to this than meets the eye. If Sara had used my blogging pseudonym, I might have been more inclined to believe her comment was one of true support, but her use of my real name indicates that her "support" was merely a thinly veiled attack on my anonymity and perhaps even an attempt to "teach me a lesson" about anonymity on the internet. Get this: all anyone would have to do to find my blog would be to type my full name into a Google search and then, BAM, they'd not only have access to my blog, but the immediate knowledge of my identity, simply because Sara made an innocent-at-first-glance comment in a pretty obscure place that contained both my full name and a link to my blog. The great enigma, of course being that anyone who reads my blog knows that I write anonymously and anyone who already knows my identity that finds my blog would only reveal my identity if they had something to gain from such an action.

What's more, her comment is so ambiguous that it's nearly impossible to tell if the "post" she references is about the one she commented on or mine, and whether the narcissist she labels is myself or my SIL. I also find Sara's tongue-in-cheek observation that my post was a "hilarious riff" on my SIL's tweets to be way off the mark at best, and malignantly sarcastic at worst. Because it's interesting to me that someone claiming to have read a post in which I wrote about how my identity had just recently been compromised went on to leave a comment in a public space that proceeded to do just that. I also see intentional irony on Sara's part: What I see is someone who, perhaps, wants to teach me a lesson about just what happens when people leave "crumbs" (not unlike the ones anon accused me of leaving a few months back) on the internet. Thus, the short comment on a post about Narcissism (again, nicely ironic) left on a little-known website. I mean, ShinyShiny probably does not exactly draw the same numbers as the New York Times. Instincts (and several of my fellow Truth-Warriors and good friends) tell me that there is most-likely a link between Sara and our old-pal Anon. One of my cherished blog contacts offered that Sara and Anon may be one and the same, or that Sara is yet another flying monkey who's simply making good on Anon's prior threats. Whatever the case, I don't believe that Sara was simply leaving a comment in support of my blog as it could appear at first glance; I think the above comment was intentionally antagonistic.

It's just as unlikely that someone with good intentions would reveal my name in association with my anonymous blog as it would be for some simpleton to have innocently outed me without the brains to have figured out my identity in the first place. A fact to ponder on a rainy day: Sara used my first and last name, but not her own. I think the message, for now, was intended for me. It's yet another threat to my anonymity from a rather sneaky individual - someone who likes playing games from the safety of shadows. Someone who may even be using an alias to throw me off.

As for the original Anon and our Undesirable Readership? Just yesterday, I was pondering writing a post about just how obsessed they must still be with mine and DH's blogs, seeing as how they keep checking in anywhere from daily to a couple of times a week.

That's right Bethel. And Newtown. And Danbury. I see you.

And to my fellow Truth-Warriors: the above places I mentioned are significant, along with other stats that I've been tracking, which are a strong indication that NMIL is indeed one of our readers; along with several of her little "friends." What I find really amusing is that they seem to think it's a big deal to me for my identity to be revealed. But I will tell you this now: it's not. I have kept my blog anonymous to protect THEIR meddling, manipulative, cruel, abusive punk-asses. It's no skin off my back if they want the world to know who they are in association with the Truths I've told here on this blog. If they want to out themselves, they can have at it. I'll sit back and watch.

*Title Credit: Warriors (1979)

*I mean no offense to the writers and editors of ShinyShiny, who were very considerate of my request that they take down the offending comment and prompt in their response to it.


  1. Oh, that is RICH that your NMIL is reading you! She must really be scared of you, Jonsi - because TRUTH is the enemy of every narc, and you tell the truth.

    It is all here, every email, every snarky conversation - it is all detailed and outlined and if the internet allowed it, you would have highlighted and sticky-noted and color tabbed it for them. The proof of their idiocy and SHAME. But (I think) they are also reading hoping to FIND OUT (lol) something about YOU that they can then use to their benefit. That you libeled (?) them, or slandered them (look out! attorneys are being kept on speed dial!) or Did A Bad Thing to them so they can take UMBRAGE! HARUMPH!

    Come out, Warriors! Come out to play-ay!!

    (I loved that movie!)

    1. NMIL and Co. have been silent observers since the famous Anonymous comment back in December. They're shitting in the shadows waiting for something.

      Yes, shitting.

      And I loved that movie too. :)

    2. It's entirely likely they're looking for what they think is libel. My narcs accused me of "false facts" and threatened to sue. Well...That was 10 months ago. They still read my blog constantly, especially the past two weeks, when it has been nearly every day (after I tried to block them and said I wanted peace during Lent). Now I've moved to self-hosted Wordpress and blocked them at the server level. So far, peace and quiet.

      You'd think people wouldn't want to obsessively read such things about themselves. After all, if I wanted to constantly read such things about myself, I could've kept the narcs in my life. ;)

    3. Nyssa - It does indeed look like a set-up - the planting of phony "evidence."

      Every once and a while I'm still suprised by some of their bullshit. It does seem odd, doesn't it, that they seem so content reading about their own ugly truths. I've gotten used to them being around. They are nothing more than an annoying constant buzz in the background now.

    4. My favourite analogy is "a speck of fly shit on the wall of life"...easy to ignore and even easier to wipe away!

      Haven't said this lately: Fuck 'em!

    5. Quite possibly the best attitude to have concerning narcs. ;o)

  2. "I have kept my blog anonymous to protect THEIR meddling, manipulative, cruel, abusive punk-asses."

    It just goes to show how clueless MIL&Co really are. They think they are getting back at you.

    I think your observations are spot on. I mean the surface of the comment seems relatively harmless, if you weren't familiar with narcs. But the craziness of it all, the absurdity of it, the kind-of-sneaky-but-not underhandedness of it, the pussy-behind-your-back b.s., is just straight up narc.

    Don't these people have anything better to do?

    And also, the probability that "Sara" just happened upon this article and also just happens to be familiar with this post on your blog (but apparently, not the totality of your blog)is so slim, it's laughable.

    1. I find the sneakiness to be particularly pussy. They use anonymity for dark purposes, whereas we use it to protect people. And they plant bombs from miles away and just sit and wait, hoping we'll step on them and blow up. They fight dirty. Not surprising.

      It would be the surprise of a lifetime if "Sara" was just a clueless butt head. That's just highly unlikely.

  3. Jonsi,
    Of course she's a (I love the diplomacy in this,) "non-friend with dark motives." Yet another (fake) name on the (long) list of those who've been lobotomized or castrated by the Will of NMIL. So, NMIL has an internet savvy(ish) 'friend' that she went crying to - 'help us to expose that evil woman who took my baby boy awaaaay from me.'

    It's a weak-ass jig being danced by a puppet who wants to be a real girl/boy. And who obviously has no idea with whom she's fuckin' around. In the words of Fox, "We're not going to change who we are just because some whore shakes her ass."


  4. Oh hi, Jonsi's NMIL *waving* Don't get too dizzy spinning! The truth outlined in detail, sticky-noted and color-tabbed like Gladys said. Must be the stuff of nightmares for her. You're right, Jonsi. Pussy is exactly the word to describe this. Sneaky and cowardly too. Seems like your NMIL and goons wouldn't have it any other way.

  5. In retrospect I realize that I wrote anonymously to protect my abusers. For me, being "outed" was liberating because I no longer hide MY truth.

  6. Yo MIL? I'd be far more concerned with what your "DD" is doing than what your DIL is doing.
    The title of this Blog says it all: "Open Your Eyes and SEE." You've lost your DS; you're gonna loose your "DD" through suicide if you don't get that young woman some *serious* assistance. And Yoga doesn't count. You've failed your son spectacularly and you're doing the same to your daughter.
    Shame on you. Another crime in progress courtesy of a NP.