Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Homemade Shit

So I was thinking, as I so often do, about the unsolved mysteries that intrigue me, and I came up with another theory about my recent discovery that I figured I would share. Maybe everyone is already ahead of me on this one, but since I typically use my blog as a place to write out my thoughts and theories, I'm going to spell it out here anyway.

Mmmkay. You'll recall that Sara left a comment in a public online space containing both my true identity and a link to my blog. Considering the ambiguity of the comment, it was difficult to discern whether she's a fan of mine, or an enemy. However, upon closer inspection of the comment, I decided that it was most likely not a friendly-gesture on Sara's part to have left such a comment. And the theory I came up with today was that it was not just me (or perhaps not me at all) who Sara was hoping to hook. What if there was someone else out there that Sara was attempting to flag down and lead to my blog? Clearly, anyone can do a quick Google search for my name and click on the few results that show up. And since I've left no traces anywhere on the internet of my real name in association with my blog, (and why would I - I blog anonymously under a pen name) in theory, my true identity should not lead anyone here.

Except if someone goes around leaving comments containing my real name and links to my anonymous blog.

Furthermore, using the previous logic of the last douchebag to have attempted to publicly reveal my identity, it would be relatively simple for anyone we know offline to figure out who we're talking about here if they're already privy to my identity. Duh. If you know Jonsi and you're any one of the people she's writing about, CLEARLY you're going to recognize yourself here. But the funny thing is that Sara didn't specifically mention Jonsi's SIL's name, just Jonsi's. With means that googling NSIL's real name would not produce the same direct results. So Sara wanted someone to google my name, understand immediately that I had written a blog post about my SIL, and then come here to find not just the one indicated, but many posts about her.

And, the more I think on it, the more I believe Sara pegged me for a narcissist and not NSIL. Sara chose to use the acronym "SIL" rather than my own label, "NSIL." Somehow, Sara seemed to be implying that I was the narcissistic one, for picking through my SIL's tweets, copying them down here, and writing about them. The context of the article on which Sara chose to leave her comment was that tweets are insignificant and meaningless and the entirety of a person's tweeting history is meaningless, and therefore anyone interested in downloading such a history must clearly be superficial and narcissistic. The article from ShinyShiny defined "narcissists of the internet" as those who had a desire to "collect all of their snarky tweets" into one place. SO - If tweets are merely a representation of "word vomit" and it's "pointless" to download all of them, then clearly Sara was making an observation about the person who was not only downloading them, but analyzing them as well.

That's a homemade definition of narcissism I've never come across before, but given Sara's propensity towards ambiguous and asinine discussion, I'm not surprised such shit was fabricated. Dig it: Categorically, Sara likely misinterpreted the meaning of the term "narcissism" as the article was construing one facet of narcissism as being a desire to download the entirety of one's OWN tweets. The article said nothing about an outside observer seeking to download and analyze someone else's. And, may I just add: I believe it is decidedly wrong, and, quite frankly, stupid to assume that there is no insight to be gained from a person's tweets. Are the tweets themselves particularly insightful? Generally not. But even that observation provides us with data.

Overall, Sara's move was so well thought-out and methodical that I wouldn't be shocked if it turned out that Sara was NMIL undercover. This sort of mind-fuckery took a lot of planning: leave a comment on a carefully chosen, yet obscure website article which happens to be dealing with precisely the social media agency (i.e. Twitter) I have used so many times on my blog to help dissect my NSIL's fucked up mindset, which contains my real identity and a link to my anonymous blog, in order to either A) Send the passive-aggressive message to me that other people have the "power" to neutralize my blog, B) Flag down a third party as a way to inform them of my blog or C) Both. With those possibilities in mind, I also have to consider that Sara did not come to my blog after the fact brazenly waving the news around of what she had done. Sara just let it sit there. And waited.

This is homemade shit that smells pretty vile to me. Someone is out to get me. Someone is out for revenge. Someone who is some kind of pussy, because only pussies sneak around in the shadows and refuse to directly address the individual she seems to feel so threatened by. Someone who pretends to have NSIL's best interests at heart, but who, in all actuality, cares very little about her well-being at all. I'd be the first to admit that the Truths I've written about here might very well hurt NSIL's feelings. I'm not so sure that Sara really gave a shit about that and didn't particularly care if that was the result of anyone's curiosity. By definition, drama is: any situation or series of events having vivid, emotional, conflicting, tumultuous, or turbulent interest or results, as in: the drama of a murder trial.  And that folks, is what Sara stood to gain by leaving her fucked up little comment.

And to that person, I issue a challenge: Stop playing games. Step out of the shadows. Go ahead and tell. Tell them all about my blog. Bring it, bitch.


  1. The bitch won't "bring it" because she clearly knows you can handle being "outed" just as easily as you've handled the other shit she's tried to dish your way. Besides, it would take courage to come out from under her rock and face you. Cowards hide in the shadows and that suits her just fine!

  2. I agree Jonsi - good reasoning, man! It MUST be your monster in law, that's the only thing that makes sense.

    She built a trap and just... waited. She really is odd.

    What she isn't getting, is that you are only withholding their names for their sake. You and DH have nothing to lose. What is the worst thing that could happen? That DH's family implodes, drama happens, and they never speak to DH again? um... sounds like CAKE to me.

    Another right thing you thought of: She wants to create DRAMA. This obviously isn't about her trying to resolve the issue(s), it's about maximum yelling and upset. On the part of DH's family, I mean. She is stirring the pot, waiting for DH's dad to GET! ALL! MAD! and whip out that bible crap and start yelling in the streets. While she sits in her car at the curb with the air conditioner running, waiting it out.

    That would be a perfect way for her to deflect all the blame from all of your PROOF of her lies and manipulations. If she can get everyone screaming, then they wont be listening to you. She will be able to tell everyone 'See? Jonsi has had this website for YEARS and none of this would have happened if Jonsi hadn't written and'... BLARGH. She will try and shout very loud, because with those people, if you are louder than everyone else, your are righter than anyone else.

    Just look at a Maury Povich show stage for that plan in action.

    The biggest thing she doesn't understand is, it doesn't matter what she does.

    JONSI DOESN'T CARE. DH DOESN'T CARE. Do whatever you want! Dance, jive, jump and jiggle with everything, with everyone you have - this little family will just shut their door and go back to cooking dinner and putting littles to bed.*shrug*

    Oh, nmil - you just don't matter. It so totally SUCKS to be you.

    1. Hahahaha - Preach it, girl.

      Also, I quite enjoy the term "littles" to describe my babes.

  3. Here's another thought, Jonsi.

    Your MIL works in the real estate biz, right? Her company has access to property title data bases - all title companies use them across the nation. These are HUGE databases which list everything there is to know about a person and the home(s)/property they own.

    Attorneys also have access to these types of databases. There is one called LexusNexus that you could look up and see what it does - one has to be a member to access it and ALL real estate/title companies have access to that or one quite similar.

    What this means is, she can type in your address and the title history of that property comes up. The exact plat map location, any easements, liens and lien holders, all owners through the years, whether you have a mortgage or 10 mortgages, etc. Your birth date, your SSN, all that crap. She could run your address, your parents, your brothers, anyone. And then with THAT info she could go to another data base and get more info - bank account records, adoptions, loans and amounts, credit scores, etc.

    I don't know what, exactly, she would DO with all that info, but she has it. It isn't necessarily LEGAL for her to do that, but with a title company running thousands of searches a day, who would know?

    except - for a fee, anyone can get quite a bit of that same type of information, like from a website called Intelius. So, say, if someone wanted to compile a 'binder' on someone else, for about $50 one could find a wealth of information about any public documents. Including bank accounts, amounts, property values, criminal records, birth and death certificates, telephone numbers... And that information could be used to find MORE information.

    I'd be happy to point someone in the correct direction if that sort of information was desired as a way to fight back against tyranny... HYPOTHETICALLY, I mean. *wink*

  4. L is the one with the contacts and easy access to inside information, who NMIL is no doubt milking for all she's worth. [Yawn] But if I'm reading your comment correctly, then what you are suggesting is that the garnering and gathering of information works both ways, right? Like I can pay a small sum of money too and get the same kind of info about them they might be digging up about us.

    Easy. Easy to do. They aren't the only ones with friends in high places. *wink*

  5. You are absolutely picking up what I'm putting down. :)

  6. Bring it? Directly? Mon Dieu, NEVER!! Remember what happened when DH brought his concerns directly to the NPs?!
    "This is a test. It's only a test of the NMIL Emergency Broadcast System" followed by that gawd-awful sound to get your attention and keep the Drama going.