Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Come At Me, Punks


  1. That's funny, especially the patient part! They want everything on THEIR terms, NOW!!!

  2. Har - have you ever seen a real pirate gun, the flintlock ones? You pull the trigger, and something or other sparks, which then lights the powder, which then sets off the mechanism and *bang* there goes the round ball. (Obviously I am well versed in the mechanics of the thing). You have to hold REALLY still until the thing fires. It takes a good couple seconds.

    BUT my point is, I always think those guys should be saying "wait right there. BOY are you gonna be sorry in a coupla seconds when this thing fires DON'T MOVE oooh Imma hurt you!!"

    Which, the REAL point is, Dear Narcs. If you get offended by this littl 'ol GUN, just wait for the bullets that come out. Then I'll REALLY offend you. Just, wait right there. KEEP READING. Keep coming over. WAIT RIGHT THERE I'll be riiiight witcha.