Wednesday, January 30, 2013


If you were only an idea to begin with, did you ever really exist? 
When you walk away from the madness, will they even feel your absence?
Or will they go on living as though you were never there at all?
Oh you exist. Just not in the way they want you to.
They'll live, feeding off of their memories, sucking the soul out of 
your dream self that only exists in their heads. Forever.
While the real you walks this earth, experiencing
love and happiness. They can not touch the real you.
They can not even imagine your life now, for you are protected
by the wild magic of Authenticity, while they are locked 
in their own dungeons of despair, slowly dying of a self-inflicted
disease called Deception. The real you is made of light and water.
Eventually, they will die of thirst, yearning for a taste of you.
But all they'll ever have is the shriveled version
of what you once were to keep them company.


  1. Nailed it. I love the 'wild magic of Authenticity.'

  2. Nailed it again, Jonsi!

    The real me is safe because they don't even know who she is!