Wednesday, December 5, 2012

You Don't Make The Cut

From Luke 17:3 Ministries, a short note to Narcissists that I wish could be printed on billboards across the United States. Then again, just about everything from Rev. Renee Pitelli could be printed on a billboard or handed out in little pamphlets:

Note to Ns~ Just because you know me and I know you, it doesn't mean we are friends. Occasionally being in the same room together, having an acquaintance or two in common, or having a few conversations (all about you!) does not make you my friend. I have quite a different idea of friendship and people who are friendship material than you do. Your presumptuousness and pushiness and over-familiarity do not work to force me to warm up to you~ they make me uncomfortable and turn me off. Thanks to a lifetime of dealing with people like you, I now have actual standards for the relationships I allow myself to get involved in and the people I allow to get close, and you set off all my N-alarm bells. You repulse me. So quit following me around, pretending you know me well and we're best buds, and go dig up your own kind to hang out with. My friends are blessings from God, and you are not worthy to be counted among them. You just don't make the cut :-)

I think it's kind of funny when narcissists pretend to be your friend or mask their hatred/envy/insecurities/bullshit with an 'I really just care about you' guise. It's not real and it makes me wanna say, "Dude, I saw you coming a mile away." Narcs are so...clingy.


  1. I love this - I have said that I can feel FEEL a predator's aura. Like when you try and get two opposite magnets together - I avoid them everywhere. I can 'see' them coming. I can tell at a party or restaurant or at Penney's if I'm near one. They are never completely silent, for one thing. They huff and puff and groan to let you know they are displeased with life. They need to get your attention and try to do it by making noise to start a conversation - always about something negative! Time in line, that girl's ass, whatever they can complain about they will drag you in.

    But they also just give off a VIBE. They are all just so SCRIPTED.

  2. Scripted - Yes, that's an awesome way of describing their approach! Gladys, you're a genius!

    1. *haughty English accent*) Why YES, Jonsi my gel, I AM a genius. IQ of 67. WAIT make that 167!! har.

    2. "Scripted" is the perfect word because they have nothing genuine to say!

      Have I said lately how much I love Renee?

    3. They also never have anything NEW to say - it's always the same, day in and day out. It's up to us to change the damn script.

  3. The thing is: An N would read this and think you were talking about someone else. And isn't that a stunning contradiction since they think the world revolves around them...unless it's something bad, and then it's someone else. :-P

  4. "An N would read this and think you were talking about someone else."
    Bada Bing!
    You are so right.

  5. Thanks for this Jonsi girl. Remember when I was recently discussing my NMIL with you and wondering if she was less narc and more just socially stupid?
    Well, this paragraph describes her perfectly. She's pushy and over-familiar. She thinks her flattery will force me to like her (because I'm a moron, easily swayed by pretty "compliments" about myself. I think that pisses me of most. That she would project that I have such low self-esteem-mine can be low, but not that low-that she thinks some sprinkled in flattery about my toenail polish would sway me to like her). She DEMANDED my friendship, without every once trying to earn it. I was just supposed to be her friend because I married her son and that way she could keep me "close".
    Thanks again.