Thursday, December 20, 2012

When She Takes Off Her Face

  When she takes off her face
                           there's a heart
            that no longer beats
   cause it's shriveled up like a raisin

And her people
    waste all of their time
  trying to pump blood back into it

And that's what happens
when she takes off her face


  1. "spend all of their time" should be "WASTE all of their time".

  2. Duly noted. I had included a note within the poem itself thanking you for the suggestion and giving you credit, but I didn't like the way my note broke up the image of the poem, so I'm going to say it here in the comments instead:

    One word in a poem can make all the difference. I like your choice of wording better than mine. Thank you, Mulderfan. That's fucking teamwork!

  3. Old teachers never die! Great poem A+!

  4. You described exactly what I tried to do. Accepting that I can never have a relationship with my mother was the most freeing thing I ever did. I finally stopped wasting my time and pumped all that energy into healthier relationships. Never been happier.