Sunday, December 23, 2012

We Are Truth

He left his family.
He abandoned their ideals.
He bandaged his war-ravaged soul.
He found me 
and we fell in love.
We put up a blockade.
We kept the offending letters in our back pockets.
We locked our fucking doors.
We  kept our babies safe.
We faced our fears.
We learned how to defend ourselves.
We made decisions.
We have no regrets.
We are Truth.
We never die!


  1. Warriors. Defending what is yours, and what is right, with honor and dignity and some fucking TEETH. Narcs will continue to throw themselves onto the pointy end of your sword while you just stand there - nobody's fault but their own!

    They don't HAVE to come over and get beat up. They volunteer for it every single time.

    Happy Yule to the Jonsi's. May the next few days be quiet, or if not that, at least be full of stories to tell us (cos we aren't selfish one bit!)

  2. Wish I'd known then what I know now and kept my baby (and myself) safe. So glad you caught on early in the game but then your narcs are about as subtle as a sledgehammer!

  3. I moved away for a long time but I needed to lock my doors and protect my young ones but now they are big and strong and amazing adults that recognize what a narc is and tell me, "Your mother is crazy." They know the difference. May the holidays be filled with joys of your FOC.