Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Sky Is Perfect Blue

*Warning: If you find jokes about suicide or NSIL (or NSIL attempting suicide) to be tasteless or inappropriate, I would suggest you read no further.

Hey look! It's the male version of NSIL:

Courtesy of Barats and Bereta (whom I love and highly recommend to anyone who wants a laugh. Or, I don't know - some people may not find their humor funny, but I think it's fucking great)


  1. lol - yeah, that's fucking funny. I want to know what the music is too - sounds a little like Squirrel Nut Zippers - SEE! I can't even care about the (fake) suicide. There's more important things.

    I'm headed to that website now.

  2. The song is great, isn't it? Patrick and Eugene, The Birds and the Bees. It was such a great choice for the video. Hilarious.

  3. If any body gives you a hard time over this post send'em to me. I'll set'em straight.
    I thinks it fucking hilarious.
    Maybe if people realized they will end up the butt of other peoples jokes, they might put a little more value on their own life.

  4. I knew a kid in high school who had a perpetual look on his face like that. He scared people.

    1. Wait, you mean smiling all the time is weird? And it freaks normal people out?

      I wonder when NSIL will get that memo.

    2. That's the reason fucking CLOWNS are so scary. They always have a knife somewhere too...

    3. Oh good lord. Don't even get me started!

    4. I think it's the smiling combined with the vapid look in the eye.

      And all that bouncy-ness.



    One of these days, I'll learn how to write
    But I'm doing the best I can
    I'll probably never be Edgar Allan Poe
    Or any kind of famous man

    No one will ever know my name
    Or even hear my rhymes
    I've told myself it doesn't matter
    At least a million times

    For me this life is over
    There's no where else to turn
    The time has come for me to end it
    I guess I'll never learn

    Don't anyone try to stop me
    For it will do no good
    Things are just gonna turn out the way
    I always knew they would

    It's time for me to kill myself
    Yes, It's time for the blood to flow
    How long does it take to die from a paper cut
    Does anybody know?