Thursday, December 20, 2012

More Important Things

Reminds me of them.


  1. I have perfect neighbours who go to church on Sundays and are bigoted fucks for the rest of the week.

  2. But the child was SAVED!
    An early and torturous death is OK as long as you know the child's soul went through the express line and straight to heaven.
    What would we know?
    Where slags like us are going we will be cordoned off from the true believers with barbed wire and barking German Shepard's.

    1. Oh right. You mean like Double Agent's philosophy, and I fucking quote:

      The death of infants - In the long haul, this is actually a mercy. Since the Bible is pretty clear that children aren't capable of making fully moral decisions they aren't held responsible for them...This means that those children killed in the flood are not being eternally judged.
      -DA via on Mar 3, 2011

    2. Ease up on the German Shepherds Q! My Schindler was more worthy of heaven than most "Christians" I encounter.

  3. All dog's go to heaven. I thought you knew that.
    Just some of them have part time jobs there.

  4. Jonsi - I'd like to add a another song to your chache - but I will have to explain first. I just found your blog and have been catching up.

    My now SIL called her brother up before we got engaged and gave him an hour long lecture on how aweful a person I am. She had spent a total of (2) 2-hour dinners with me spaced approximately a year apart and had clearly learned NOTHING about me except that I wasn't a push-over. Her list was so imaginative that my now husband got to the end of it and was wondering who the hell she was talking about. Really, if you're gonna complain that I don't like traveling (just one of my many flaws) you should probably find out if that is true. You might be pleasantly suprised to discover that not only have I traveled and love traveling but I bent over backwards to live abroad.

    He told her she was wrong - which marked the first time in his life he had ever actively stood up to her instead of passively doing his own thing. Needless to say - she wasn't happy. Though, like Jessie's in-law, she thinks I am a moron and tries to butter me up by telling me how much she likes me. Then proceeds to give me dirty looks if I speak. If you ever have seen SNL's "The Real Housewives of Disney" Cinderella is my SIL.

    Anyways - part of my emotional healing was listening to and singing along to a song by LeeAnn Womack called "I don't Like Her - I'll think of a Reason Later" The shallowness of it is so appropriate.

  5. Hi Anon - for some reason, my "response" button isn't working so I'm just adding a comment to respond to you. What you've described seems so sadly typical of how narcissists behave: they practically make a living out of "judging" people they have no real interest in knowing and then turning around and claiming that is what is being done to them. I've heard the claim so many times that I (Jonsi) know nothing about my in-laws, so how can I "judge" them and all that jazz. The thing is that I don't judge, I assess, and I base each of my assessments on whatever I see.

    The fact about narcs is that they see nothing more than what they want to see.

    They have no interest in seeing the real you. And that is really sad.

    I'll check out the song - thanks for the suggestion.