Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Less Is More

Less Chaos
  Less Treachery
Less Nonsense
  Less Fuckery
Less Darkness
  and a lot less Dishonesty
Less Bullshit
  Less Mockery
Less Betrayal
  Less Dupery
Less Pretense
  Less Trickery
Less Treason and Insincerity
  Less Juggling
Less Duplicity

And for fuck's sake
Less Hypocrisy

No Contact Wins.

Every Damned Time.


  1. It's so horrible that it's the only solution. The narcs act like we just willy-nilly decide to stop talking to them. They have no idea how agonizing a decision it is.

    Wishing you and DH very peaceful holidays.

  2. It was a hard decision for me to make and my mother is a goddamn sociopath.

  3. Jonsi,
    True, all true.
    They trained me so well that I was responsible for them that it made it a difficult decision to walk away from people who were abusive to me on a daily basis. And then they went around trumpeting to the world at large that I was bad, bad, bad for leaving them. They used any and every weapon at their disposal to try to stop me, hurt me, beat me, and they're still trying to do the same to my DD's.

    What sweet relief to be able to slam the door.
    Every damned time.


    1. You said it! This week, DH and DS had a dentist appointment in another town, and who walks in but a good friend of NM. I've been NC with the NFOO for several years now, and hadn't seen the friend in more years than that, but she recognized DS, then my DH. She told DH she had heard *all about* how we weren't in contact anymore. I'm sure she heard an earful, and none of it the truth. Now I expect them to try to get to DS again (it had been quiet for months). Dang.

  4. As hard as I come down on my mother she is still my mother. I would have endured her destructive ways, but she always wants blood. And she gets it.
    If I could have thought of a way to be around her and be immune to the destruction she sponsors I probably would.
    She is too good at what she does.
    My life and every one in my family's was destroyed by her casual whims.
    She is toxic waste.
    There is a life time limit to her exposure and she finally reached it.

  5. One of the assholes in my life demanded no contact and I complied. Now HE won't leave me alone!

    Gee, maybe I'm important after all?

  6. In my situation, sticking around would have been Colluding With The Enemy. And condoning the on-going use/abuse whether it was being perpetrated on me or any other unfortunate who happened to stray in her "path."
    No thanks, I'm NOT gonna be associated with THAT. It's simply indefensible: Once you see behind the Mask, you know no one is safe and you can't save 'em either. They'll either figure it out or they won't and in the meantime, the price to you and your loved ones in every way is incalculable.

  7. Good reminder---here in the thick of "hoover" season.
    The N in my life just tried to press the "reset button" with me , via email....As if there'd been no falling out...
    Are they really not in the same zip code as Reality??
    It boggles my mind.

    Less is more, indeed.

    No, thank you. My peace of mind is far too valuable to me.

    1. The reset button - ah, the fresh scent of bullshit. Don'tcha just love it? ;)

      I don't think they live in the state of Reality - they live in the state of Delusion.

      Kick em' right the fuck out, Freestyle. They can take their shit and shove it.

  8. I wish I could kick mine out--she's
    It's more like duck, dodge, and avoid, on my end.
    There will never be another conversation without an unbiased witness present. Ever.
    Since she's smeared me left & right--fat chance of finding anyone unbiased.Someday, I'll write out the story--but right now--it's just too in my face--I don't want to give it too much of my energy. I'm just trying to regain equilibrium for now.

    Yep--the "reset button" was one of my favorite articles on Natalie's Baggage Reclaim site--she's brilliant.... :0) I had a lot of light bulb moments, reading that one.