Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Full Disclosure

There is absolutely nothing on this blog that I either haven't already said to members of DH's family, or wouldn't have said to them had I gotten the opportunity.

If you ask me, reading this blog would give them the best god damned chance they could EVER have of figuring out what the fuck is wrong and how to fix it. If they've ever wanted answers, those answers are here and on my husband's blog. Reading this would actually take out one of the hardest parts of the fucking equation because I'm doing that part myself: If they want to know why DH has decided on life-long NC, all they need to do is read this shit. I am confident in every truth I have told here. I am confident in my voice and in the details I have chosen to share. I am confident in my purpose.

I like to talk specifics, and it's always been pretty clear that THEY don't. I've always wanted to ask NSIL for specifics because I'm pretty sure she doesn't have any. And the only ones NMIL would likely come up with would be lies.

But that's not the way I operate. This blog is about truth, MY truth. It's about my fight for space in a world over-crowded with the fucking personality-disordered. It's about my eternal crusade to find and LIVE the fucking truth.

Anyone who doesn't like it can either shut up and get the fuck out, or else continue reading and suffering whatever narcissistic injuries occur every time they see a Truth they don't like. I'm not asking anyone to like the shit I write about. I talk hard. And I'm not going to stop.


  1. "....suffering whatever narcissistic injuries occur every time they see a Truth they don't like."

    Yep, they get upset when the world isn't exactly the way they want it.

    Q's Sis

  2. A blog is the only way you can get a word in edge wise and not be shouted down.
    The last conversation with my mother was about as productive as if she had wiggled her fingers in her ears going la-la-la-la-la-la.

  3. Ohhh, but they just can't RESIST! It gives them something to talk about-the usual, of course: THEMSELVES. Just as Q's Sis observed.
    It appears for "Idiots" we're pretty damn interesting, eh? Apparently they just can't seem to locate the "Delete" key on their board, so who's the "Idiot"? ;)

  4. My (our) mother has about as much use for a computer as dog has for a dictionary. I wish she would become computer literate enough to stalk me. Then you guys could see what me and sis were up against for umpteen decades.

  5. Jonsi, you go girl!

  6. I make am ass of myself every other day. I've forgotten how to be dishonest.

    Which isn't to say I don't try to manipulate my reality. Because my miom taught me well.

    The stinking thing I realized lately is that the assholes don't get out down by direct attacks. Make them feel shitty sideways. Worm into them the same way they fucked with us. It's the only language they understand.

    1. I'm not even sure how to do that, other than taking ourselves away from them. Which they probably don't give many shits about anyway because they just fill in the blank with some other poor schmucks.