Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Big Talkers Lookin' For Trouble

If you open your mouth, you better be ready to rumble

*Title credit: Big Talk by Warrant


  1. If we are in close proximity with a narc are we to hold out breath?

  2. ^ Nah. We duct tape their's shut ;)

  3. Ha ha. I think the reason why these guys rub us the wrong way is they are accusing us of being martyrs. And they bump and run and you can't tell them how out of balance that statement is. I know you have been to the estranged parent site, and they are over there weeping and gnashing their teeth and crying hard bitter tears until they can hardly hit the shaker with gin.
    And they do it with no fear of reprisal or confrontation. Say one politically incorrect thing over there and you get modded out into the corn field of the twilight zone.
    We on the other hand welcome some debate.
    But debate isn't what they want. They want to toss some platitudes our way and run giggling back to the wailers and they all have a private laugh before they present to Dr Coleman in full on weep mode.
    Things are the way they are because that's the way they want it.
    So that's the way they get it.
    My mother likes cats.
    I think I'll shove a live one in her casket before they bury her.
    Just to keep her nose powdered.

  4. We are running a surplus of cats down here. I can mail you one. It might come out looking like a Frisbee.