Friday, November 9, 2012

The Waiting Game

Two days ago, we received the return receipt for the letter of NC we sent via Certified Mail to EFIL & L. On November 6, 2012, it was delivered to their house and L signed for it. Now we have confirmation that they have received our request not to contact us again in the future and I have scanned the receipt, made copies of it (along with the original letter) and added it to my binder of information. If and when this shit ever gets really ugly, these people won't be able to stand up to my 490 page (and counting) binder of information about what has gone on these past three years. I have taken meticulous records, including recent cards and packages that have been sent to us; I have now started a legal paper trail; and I have recorded my own thoughts and feelings about everything that has happened since DH and I met. These people will be forced to stand down in the face of Truth, once and for all.

We have not yet received a return receipt for the letter of NC we sent to J; and we think it likely that he has decided not to sign for it and will let the notice expire, so that the mail gets sent back to us. Today, I went to the police department and picked up a copy of the police report that was filed this past Sunday when he showed up at our house and refused to leave. In the notes of that report, the officer wrote, "[J] warned off the property. He left without any issues. EX-STEPFATHER." The most important aspect of that short note, for us, was the fact that he was warned off of our property. I think it unlikely he will return to harass us, unless something more serious happens to NSIL, in which case he may come back with a vengeance. Again, I have copies of the report and if he ever did show up again, I would not hesitate, not even long enough to ask him to leave, to call the police again. He has been warned.

We have no indication yet if NSIL has received DH's letter. This morning around 10:00 AM he did get a voice mail on his work phone, but there was no number listed and the person waited two-three seconds and hung up. In the background, we could hear what was the voice of an individual with an Indian accent, but we couldn't make out what he was saying. Stereotypes aside, DH and I were trying to figure out if it might have been a doctor at some clinic where NSIL could be staying. She has been silent on Twitter and it's impossible to tell where she is right now, so for now it's still a waiting game. DH said he was hoping the hang-up message was from his sister, and he didn't want that hope to get in the way of his clear-thinking concerning future contact from his FOO.

We're doing all right, Dear Friends. Just waiting.


  1. If NSIL is in a treatment facility, I doubt she will have phone privileges this early.

    I HATE waiting for the other shoe to drop! Five people who are close to me have concluded, for various reasons, that my "anonymous student" is the NGC, who ordered ME to have no contact with him as I was the cause of his (alcoholic) seizures. Since I am now totally ignoring the comments they are escalating. So, just like you and DH, I'm waiting for the next move in the never ending drama that Ns can't seem to live without.

    1. The waiting thing sucks. It feels like everything is on-edge. We're guessing she's in a treatment facility, thus the lack of access to the internet/outside world. I also told DH that the hang-up could have been as simple as a wrong-number and that NSIL may not have even gotten DH's letters yet (if she gets them at all).

      I recently read a comment of yours somewhere about your anon student being your NGC and that one really floored me, but it also makes perfect sense. "Too perfect." It seems likely and I'd venture a guess that things are going to blow up on your end soon. Hang on to your hat, Mulderfan! S'gonna be a shit storm.

    2. Writing style, vocabulary, and escalating sarcasm all fit...even the timing, which would be when his wife is at work. Adding a tracker later today, then I'll know for sure.

      You're right Jonsi-girl, a shit storm is coming regardless of who it is, besides after all these months my narcs must be ready to blow. In his last comment "anon" used my maiden name and the NGC's full name. He is threatening to track down both the NGC and my NPs in order to expose me. He says, I can stop that if I post a comment asking (begging?) him not to get in touch with my NFOO.

      Needless to say, I will not respond and, oh golly, my blog I might upset folks! They might even stop speaking to me...oh, wait...

      If they want to sue me, they'll have to admit they're the shitheads I'm writing about.

      Should be interesting.

    3. Do you suppose they bribed SIL into a treatment facility by promising she could go on vacation afterwards?

  2. Jonsi - you, Mulderfan, Vanci - even Jessie and some others - all the narcs are on some circuitry that is waking them and stirring them up!

    At this rate I'm thinking my dad is going to zombie-fy himself and crawl from the grave. Stand by for the apocolypse.

    Everyone stay safe. It's probably the looming holidays making them all crazy(er).

    1. That's what I was thinking, Gladys! It seems like everyone is being attacked right now. It's gotta be the holidays. Narcs are on the prowl.

    2. If he does crawl towards you from the grave, you can blast him with the bazooka of your withering disapproval, which is far more valid than his; i.e., his doesn't have any validity. --quartz