Thursday, November 1, 2012

Another Quick Update

Hi guys - Just wanted to give you another (sadly) short update to say that we still don't have internet services at our house. I've got plenty to talk about and some comments that are waiting to be published but I'm waiting until I can come back to address them appropriately. I want to thank everyone for your outpouring of love - We're feeling the vibes and we're sending them back out in a good old pay-it-forward fashion. I can't help but feel that if we can survive the narcs, we can survive anything. Sandy ain't got nothin' on us!

I was glad to hear from friends that I was worried about and I can't wait to get back to business here. I've got ants in my pants thinking about all the issues that need to be addressed and stories that need to be told. I'm running out of time here though, so I'll be back online as soon as possible. Hugs and kisses times a thousand.

Love always,



  1. Jonsi,
    Thanks for the update.
    I'm guessing that you've got some seriously itchy typing fingers about now. I'm expecting that when you're up and running we're going to see a geyser of Jonsi.
    Waiting anxiously. :)

  2. Hugs glad to here you are ok.