Thursday, October 11, 2012

Was It The Way I Said Hello

You hated me first,
that much I know.
So this I want to ask you,
was it the way I said hello?


  1. My first thought was "No." When faced with someone like this, I figure it isn't me, it's them. Which is baffling since I can't seem to keep that straight with my Ns.

  2. One of the most complicated things I learned that someone's hatred toward me may be nothing about me at all.

  3. Actually, in my family it could have been!!! There have been major narcissistic injuries produced by how one says hello. ("One" usually being me...)

    1. [[Judy & Ruth]] - You two are so funny, I hadn't yet published your comments and both of you gave very similar answers: "It isn't me" and "It's not about me." You're right, oftentimes, hatred really isn't about the person being hated on. (Though sometimes it is). When it starts so soon into a relationship and without any seeming "violation" of the hater's rights or personhood, it usually IS a result of some flawed thinking or bias on the hater's part.

      Toto - I was trying to capture their very petty natures, because that is certainly what Narcs are: petty. And, like Ruth and Judy both pointed out, for someone to really hate you over something so innocent, so insignificant, so not "newsworthy," it's probably a good indication that there is something wrong with the hater, not the hated-upon. Definitely something to think about.

    2. oh [[Toto]] I meant to hug you too!

    3. [[Toto, Ruth, Judy]] <--Group Hug!!