Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Lightning War

Blitzkreig aka "lightning war" - These [tactics] include utilizing speed, maneuver, and the shock of sudden violence throughout the entire depth of an enemy's defence to create conditions of psychological shock in the minds of their troops and commanders. The idea is to beat them mentally, as a prelude to their destruction or surrender. Deep penetrations by raiding formations...coupled with disruptive techniques and air superiority wrest the initiative away from the enemy, keep them off balance and unable to react faster than one can exploit, and prevent them from establishing effective defenses. (Wikipedia)

Lightning War

The enemies, they find us
as we're lying in our dens
Then they flank us and they fix us
They fucking try to finish us

Wave after wave
they attack us
they infiltrate in the dead of night
hoping to confuse us

They strike 
quick and deadly
reptilian in their mode of attack
before slinking away in retreat
our defenses fighting back

Rarely with a frontal assault
that'd be too easy to see
so they sneak in and they creep in
planting minefields
of deadly poison

The vapor, it blinds us
temporarily confuses us
all the while they're shooting at us
silent perfidy

There are rules in this war
that they refuse to follow
instead they set up false flags
and maneuver in the shadows

These sacred grounds are hollowed
by bullets and blades
poisoned arrows
 and grenades

And they just keep marching on
scorching the earth in their wake

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