Friday, October 5, 2012


So, you know that little fact about how NSIL dropped out of college? Well, from what I can tell, this is what she's doing with all her spare time now:

1. Complaining about how shitty her life is on Twitter
2. Getting a sparkly-new car from her Nmommy
3. Getting her nails done
4. Getting her hair done
5. Going to dance clubs
6. Getting wasted
7. Sleeping in her "comfiest in all the land" bed at 3:30 in the afternoon because she's so tired from partying the night before
8. Getting tattooed
9. Waiting for all of her "friends" to get home from college on break so that she can party more
10. Posing for pictures that her Nmommy can post on Facebook to show the world just how happy they are

What I'm not seeing is someone who is stepping out of her NM's shadow, nor do I see a girl who would be at all receptive to hearing from my DH, unless of course it's communication that she wants to hear (you know: "I've divorced that bitch, Jonsi! I'm so sorry I hurt you. I'm coming back to live with you and Nmommy and I promise to never leave you again!") I think DH would be wasting his time and wasting his breath at this point, and that contacting her would just be opening up the floodgates all over again.

For now, we'll wait. And we are resigned to waiting forever, which at this point seems likely.


  1. Before I read all her vacuous tweets, maybe I felt a little bad for the girl. Now I just think she's a loser who isn't willing to do the hard work to grow up and take care of herself.

    1. That's funny because I actually found myself feeling worse for her after I read all those tweets. But all of this crap? It just makes her come across as a lazy, entitled, self-absorbed little bitch who's going to milk the "depression" thing for all it's worth. After a while, the "oh-woe-is-me" card gets old.

  2. It might be easy to feel for the girl. Hell, we've all been were she is (in some form). But to watch her parade her failures around and benefit from them is sickening. And sad. And pathetic. I agree that I don't believe she'd be willing to hear anything your DH has to say. She's too busy shopping to feel or hear anything.

  3. Nah. She'll circle the drain for a few years and when she sees a gray hair come in and the pillow creases become crows feet and the tanning booth is desiccating her at the fringes, she'll find some old clown and blow him into a Las Vegas wedding chapel/motel/funeral home where they can get married and he can come and go at the same time with nary a pre-nup between them.
    If she comes with standard issue tits and ass she'll work it and land on her feet.
    I don't know how they do it but they do.

  4. Wow. Drop OUT of college and get a new car. Huh. That's....different? I guess this is going to be advertised as her "Gap Year" for PR purposes. And what a "productive" year: No job, no volunteering, no anything except party and maintain her "appearance."
    IMO, there isn't a thing anyone can do for her at this time. I have a feeling when her friends come home on break she's going to feel more acutely the difference between continuing on with your life vs. stagnating or repeating Sr. yr. in HS.

    1. Her life is pretty productive for a narcissist. It doesn't look like she has a job, and volunteering? HAHAHAHA. Oh, TW, you kill me my friend. Her job isn't making money, it's spending (her nm's).

      And I think you're right. Her "friends" are all moving on with life. She's gonna sit there and rot.

  5. Those first few months of college are critical - I was an RA and we had to really reach out to people to be sure the transition was successful - those who werent ready and didn't stay were usually too enmeshed with where they came from to really give where they came to a chance.

  6. Drifting along no need to change. Change is uncomfortable. Sad when someone chooses to let life slide. I think the assessment is accurate, trying to rescue someone that doesn't believe they need rescuing is an exercise that only has down sides.

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