Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Dark And Light

We were the good ones. I was one of the good ones. We all had unique and interesting magical powers: mostly to do with healing abilities. And there were lots of us, this big nameless group of people who were just inherently good.

And then one day, our clan was overtaken by another: a dark clan with dark motives. They didn't actually kill anyone, and I don't think that was their intention. I think what they wanted was to convert us, and if people died in the process, well then that was fine.

There was a girl who was drowning but not dying. There had been a flood of some sort, and a huge dam had burst and she was trapped under a heavy log in the water. I could see her, even though I was far away from her, and she was completely submerged under the moving water. Her hair flowed around her face. She looked peaceful under the water and I knew that she was still alive and that she might never actually die, she'd just forever be in that sleeping state under the water. I also knew that, even if I rescued her, she might never wake up. There was a man beside me. I don't know who he was or what he looked like, but he was there, and together we swam out through the water to save this fallen comrade. The water was cold and brown. Not dirty, necessarily, just brown from dead leaves at the bottom. It moved and flowed around us and we swam out to where we could see her. There was a precipice in the water that we had to climb over and right before we got there, the man beside me told me to watch out because there were water snakes underneath us. It made me feel uneasy and I didn't want to put my feet down.

I lifted one leg onto the precipice, and then another, and I could see the girl under the water. She was rather serene, even though she was drowning. She wasn't moving at all actually and her eyes were closed as though she was sleeping. Together, the man and I pulled her out of the water and brought her back to shore. I didn't see her again and I don't know if she awoke.

Then, the bad people were there again. All over. They were shoving us and pushing us and trying to round us up. We ended up in an empty school. We were in the cafeteria. I was trying to round people up to fight against the darkness that had overtaken us. I felt that we were strong, we were good, we were light and that we could face the bad people and win.

I heard a woman's voice, but I don't know what she was saying. She was the leader of the bad people. I never saw her face, I just heard her voice and she was commanding her people to do her bidding. She was looking for a place to contain a small group of us. I was not a part of this particular small group that she had a hold of, but I became very concerned that she was going to put them somewhere where they wouldn't have any food or water. I followed the sound of her voice and I ended up at the back entrance of a small hut. She was on the outside, but at the front entrance. I went inside the house. I had the feeling that she couldn't come in unless I invited her. From inside the house, I called out and volunteered this hut for her purpose. I told her the group she was herding about could stay in my hut. I didn't tell her that I would feed them. I also thought that if she realized who I was, she wouldn't send the people in to my hut. I went to the kitchen and busied myself making food.

I think this one is pretty clear folks. Drowning girl not yet dead: NSIL. Leader of the bad people: NMIL. Man beside me: DH. The one thing I will say is that it was not a scary or sad dream. I actually awoke feeling good, even though I was clearly battling "evil" in my head through out the whole dream and I wasn't able to awaken the drowning girl from her coma. Other than the part with the snakes, I never felt uneasy or frightened in my dreamscape.


  1. Tommyknockers, Tommyknockers,
    knocking at the door,
    late last night and the night before,
    i was crazy, and Bobbi was sane,
    but that was before the Tommyknockers came.

    1. I have a soft spot in my heart for the King.

  2. Golly bee! It only took me 6 months but is the blogger of Transcending Indifference your DH? Dreams are weird and powerful, recently had a dream about a dead woman lying on top of my parent's garden, the weird part was she was lying in a read-a-book pose. Maybe she's just playing dead to avoid detection from my parents.

    1. Hi Enlina. Yes, Transcending Indifference is my husband's blog. :o) I don't usually just come out and say that clearly in my posts, so I can understand why it might take a while to put it all together.

      The dream you've described sounds really eery, like a horror movie. I also think of children reading that way, so maybe it was meant to signify innocence in some way? Very interesting. Do you remember the rest of the dream, or was that the part that stood out the most.

  3. The posts about your SIL's passive-aggressive affinity for Marilyn Monroe in her twitter had me going, "waaaaaait a minute, could it be..?"

    Though I remember my dream it was pretty chaotic and didn't make much sense. But I was inspired by your post to put it down in my livejournal and decided the "dead woman" did represent parts of my childhood but in a good way in that weird way.

    1. I'll head over to your place later today and read about your dream - I find dreams to be fantastically interesting. Maybe the parts that didn't make much sense to you will make some sense to your readers! (I find that sometimes other people's dreams make tons of sense where we're left scratching our heads about our own).

      I'm glad it was a more positive dream for you. The whole dead woman thing could have been quite scary if your subconscious meant to convey a different message.