Monday, June 11, 2012

The Longest Two Years Of My Life

The Dickhead took two years of my life
by wrapping me around his pinky finger
He jerked me around
more than he did his own dick
which was a lot, to say the least

If you want some real fist-pumping action,
go on a date with The Dickhead
He'll sweep you off your feet
then keep you on your knees
where you can service him when he's not
performing manual labor on himself

How romantic

The Dickhead's favorite past time
is lying
and he's moderately good at it
He'll lie to his own mom while you watch
and then defend his right to do it

He'll spin your reality until you don't know
up from down and you're dizzy and
starving for the truth

And then, when you leave him [you bitch!]
he'll hold your damn cat ransom
just 'cause he knows he's got something that you want

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