Friday, June 15, 2012

If This Is

You coward, you toad,
yellow-bellied pantywaist
sissy, chicken, pansy weakling
wimpy immoral snake

You namby-pamby milksop
dastard submissive cad
too afraid to face the truth?
You craven scaredy cat

You spineless, gutless jelly fish
lily livered fraud
You two-faced, phony four-flusher
absorbed in your facade

You bigot, bluffer, con artist
nebbish crooked swindler
You're a wussy and a fake
one bona fide truth fiddler

Your time to see the truth is past
Your revolution's bust
You're remit to face the facts 
so now it's up to us

What's the opposite of cowardice?
That's easy, bravery
grit, guts, heroism, pluck

In ourselves we must look deep
to draw out the strength inside
Are we crooks, or champions?
s'up to us to decide

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