Friday, May 11, 2012

How Dare I Be So Beautiful?

Give NSIL a little time and she'll be as adept at narcissistic games as her mother. She suffers from severely depleted levels of self-esteem.  Like her brother, she's likely suffered at the hands of her NM all her life - having been constantly attacked with underhanded jokes at her expense has left her feeling ugly, worthless, and empty - a feeling that will probably follow her around until the day she dies. My guess is that her weight has always been an issue, because her evil mother has always made it so. She will likely continue the legacy by believing her mother's lies and accepting her mother's torments. She has allowed her mother's "reality" to perpetuate her own system of beliefs. Her twitter account is [currently] private, which means most people don't actually have access to these pictures, except for the people she has given permission to view photos such as these. I did some cyber-sleuthing to find [a self-portrait of NSIL, which she took in her bathroom mirror, captioned: Cuz I feel skinny today. HI Haterz], which means that the "haterz" she is addressing are actually people she has given permission to view her tweets/photos. Narcissists must have coined the term "frenemies," cause I sure as hell don't know anyone who would give their "haterz" access to photos like [the ones I see of her]. The ever-obnoxious Exhibit A left the following comment on one of her photos, "Girl, you sexy mama!" Hint: "Today" she feels beautiful. Yesterday, she did not, and tomorrow, she'll go back to hating herself. If her mother ever sees this photograph, she'll probably be jealous because her daughter will always have something that she herself can not have: youth. Even when this girl is fifty, she'll still be younger and "prettier" than her mother. Let the evidence stand - this girl is "in love" with her own reflection. NSIL "will live to a ripe old age, as long as [she] never knows [herself]." She's basing the fact that people "hate" her solely on her looks; superficial is as superficial does. There are many photos to be found  (at least until she sets this particular account to "private "as well) - nearly every photo is the same: a projection of how she wants the world to see her. The internet is truly today's version of Narcissus' lake in the classic Narcissus Myth.  She's no more a "sister-in-law" than she ever was a "sister." As with her mother, I would not be the "mirror" she wanted me to be. I refused to accept the projected image she wanted me to see.
**Credit for title of post: "Supper's Ready" by Genesis


  1. IMO...An object of pity and nothing more.

    Object being the perfect word, because the poor girl has objectified HERSELF!

  2. "An object of pity and nothing more"
    Off hand I can think of two more.
    Ooo. That's tacky. I better delete this before I f around and accidentally sen.....

  3. I had this album from back when album's were big licorice pizza's. I was just thinking how far back this was. Gabriel was still with them. How did you ever hear this one?

    1. Actually, I stumbled across the song when I was doing some research about the myth of Narcissus - with all of the information I gathered, I almost felt like writing a thesis. I felt like the song was right, I just like Genesis and Peter Gabriel. I'm young, but I have a taste for good music. :o)

  4. She appears to be so enamored with herself she didn't notice the bathroom in the background-speaking of Tunnel Vision.
    Tacky, tacky, tacky.

  5. ....but so telling: They have NO idea of "Context" because they have none. The center of the universe is THEM. Even if the back-drop is a urinal or a shower stall. How self-engaged is this?
    I was hoping she was simply young and would out-grow this self-absorption.
    So I'm wrong again, but I DO try to give credits/passes for the younger among us. And I do this because I don't want to believe there's either a genetic predisposition (as manifested in my FOO) or Adult Kids that still have time to mature.
    The reality is they are as mature as they ever will be....even when their knees are sagging.
    That's my pay-back for being optimistic and hopeful. And I deserve a good slap-back to reality.