Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Perfect Timing

I just posted a piece about justice today, and after doing so, happened to notice the following article in my blogroll: An Eye for an Eye: Reciprocal Justice or Perpetual Injustice? The article touched on a concept that I left out of my previous post, but it's something I feel fits in well with the subject of seeking justice. For your convenience, I have pulled out the excerpts I found most fitting (highlighting for emphasis mine):

As long as people continue to seek retribution and revenge they will perpetrate injustice. But it is widely recognized that peace will come only when participants in conflict respect each other’s needs and aspirations...The question of how best to secure justice and respond to injury is as old as time. And despite the more esoteric, intellectual thinking to the contrary that might occur in college classrooms or in dinner table discussions, the stark reality is that the old “eye-for-an-eye, tooth-for-a-tooth” axiom still dominates the mentalities of most aggrieved parties and their national representatives. This prescription for addressing injustice has been with us even since the days of Hammurabi’s Code and the early Torah. But its primary intention seems to have been...to ensure that victims were not deprived of fair and adequate compensation for losses they might have suffered. So the principle is really about a measured approach to seeking and meting out justice. But the more common mentality arising from this perspective has too often been a “you have smitten me so now I shall smite you” approach to settling scores. And history tells us that this approach does little to balance competing interests while doing a lot to perpetuate or even escalate conflict...

 Just about everyone seems to agree on what it would take for things in the region to be better and peace and justice to finally reign. So why aren’t those things happening? Perhaps the answer to that lies in the vested interests that would likely lose influence and power if true justice ever prevailed. The power-seekers among us aren’t of a mind to give it up easily once they’ve managed to secure it. And because the eye-for-an-eye mentality is so pervasive among them, one might be tempted to give up hope. But the cause of peace has a big if not yet fully appreciated ally in the information age. No longer can power-hungry despots and self-serving interests keep their true agendas and nefarious ways of advancing those agendas secret for long...Even the most carefully crafted propaganda campaigns eventually become exposed these days...The power mongers among us will eventually have to reckon with the fact that knowledge is power, too. And it’s perhaps just the power we all need to reckon much more effectively with the dominance-seekers among us.

Now, while the article as a whole was focused on the conflicts in the Middle East, I found the above quoted sections to be particularly relevant to some of the points I have been trying to make about whether or not narcissists ever experience justice. If you apply the ideas stated above to your own relationships with narcissists, you just might see some answers in your own quest for physical and emotional freedom from them. I think the key, according to the article, lies in finding solace in knowing that all narcissists will eventually reveal themselves for what they really are, and that YOU, Dear Reader, can not be the one to mete out whatever punishment they more-than-likely deserve for their crimes. 


  1. Thanks for the reminder: YOU, Dear Reader, can not be the one to mete out whatever punishment they more-than-likely deserve for their crimes.

    It's so hard to not want to do exactly that, but then I have to remind myself it would make me like them. It's what they do, isn't it? Meeting out what they consider just and right, from their point of view?

    It's been a rough few days. This is helpful, the adjustment to the picture to bring it into focus. Back to moving forward.

  2. I've been extending an olive branch to these yo-yo's for over fifty years with nothing to show for it.
    I'm going to start whacking them with it.