Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas Dear Friends and Cherished Readers!

DH and I had a spectacular Christmas this year. It was beautiful, in every way. There was no nonsense or worry. No anxiety or doubts.

Just us and our beautiful children, surrounded by those we love and who love us in return. Ours is a no-strings, everlasting, unequivocal kind of love. DH and I talked, only briefly, on the way home from my mother's house last night, about how its amazing that anyone would be willing to give up on what we have. When I opened up the conversation, I told him, "I can't believe that anyone would be willing to give this up," and I gestured to the back, where our beautiful, perfect babies were happily chirping and laughing off the last of the sugar and spirits of the day.

I know DH and I are not perfect: no where near. I know that we will make mistakes: in life, in parenting, with each other. But I also know that the love and respect we have for each other is something that few others have or will experience in their own relationships. I know that we are not willing to settle for mediocre: not in ourselves or in our relationships with others. I know that our children mean more to us than anything in the world, and that we will do everything we have to to give them the best possible chance in life.

I want for my children to be happy, as I am.

I want for my children to feel an overwhelming sense of love and understanding from their parents.

I want for my children to look back on their childhoods fondly and learn how to "be" in the world so that they are confident in their abilities and in themselves.

I want for their memories of Christmases past to be like every Christmas that I can remember from my own childhood: warm, fun, and full of the most genuine kind of love in existence.

This Christmas was a beautiful one because DH and I were happy, because it was not marred by contact from miserable people, because we got to spend it with people who love us unconditionally, no matter our faults. This Christmas was beautiful because it was not about the presents - not for the givers or the receivers, and because the most amazing gift is getting to watch my little ones enjoy the bounty of the day.

I called my mother late last night, after we had cleaned up the house from the day's festivities, and told her it was a wonderful Christmas. She said my father asked her if she got everything she wanted. When she asked him, "Well, what did I want?" my dad responded, "To see your babies." (She calls all of us - her children, and her children's children - her babies). My mother smiled and my dad finished, "Yes, you got everything you wanted."

It was a beautiful Christmas, Dear Friends and Readers. I hope yours was too, and that, even if you couldn't escape all of the drama and nonsense that this particular holiday can sometimes bring, you were able to enjoy at least a part of it. Merry Christmas!




  1. So glad you had such a beautiful day! Merry Christmas!

  2. I'm so glad that you had a blissful, N-free Christmas! My in-laws, like your parents, seem to want nothing more than to be with us. Is it perfect every moment? No. Does everybody feel loved? Yes.

    Merry Christmas!

  3. Judy - Thank you. I wish you the same! :o)

    Claire - Yes, you've hit it. I was talking with DH on the way home about how I know my family has dysfunctions - I have dysfunctions...but overwhelmingly, there is a sense of love with each other that I just don't think was there in DH's past. The love here, in our family (extended and nuclear) is constant.

    Merry Christmas to you too Claire. And a happy birthday to your little man.

  4. We don't have kids. My partner and I went away for a couple of days to spend time just by ourselves. It was great.

  5. Jonsi your day sounds lovely. So glad you enjoyed it. :)