Friday, November 25, 2011

Oh, The Irony!

So, this online interview strikes me as particularly funny, considering who they are talking about. Yes, it's genuine, yes I found it online by googling NMIL's full name, and yes, I do believe it's legitimate.

Interviewer: We already have [Online Newsletter] and other online newsletters, how is [Online Newsletter pertaining to Women in Industry] different?

Interviewee: On [Online Newsletter pertaining to Women in Industry] the tips, articles and news are written for women by women...there is an interactive forum with multiple topics: fashion, pet peeves, work-at-home moms and once a month we have a Dear [NMIL's first name] column, where seasoned marketing professional and business owner [NMIL's full name] gives advice to women who have questions like: “Hey [NMIL's first name], My boss flirts with me and I’m not sure what I should do about it. Help!"...Most of the news articles written are focused on what women want to hear and read about, as well as what tips we have for leading a happy, healthy and financially profitable day.

Oh, Dear Reader! The irony! For those of you who don't know the back story, NMIL is a twice married (and twice divorced) serial adulterer who has been dating a man who we believe was cheating on HIS wife. Holy crow, is that the kind of person with the authority to give others' advice on how to navigate questions of morality? This just goes to show how far narcissists are able to go in maintaining the facade that they are moral, loving, and upstanding beings. In reality, asking someone like NMIL for advice about ANY situations in which morality and ethics come into question is like asking a fish to explain how to fly. I find it scary that anyone could be fooled enough by this woman to actually seek her advice on...well, anything. Her advice, even if it sounded reasonable, could only be coming from some terribly warped and twisted well deep within her. Furthermore, she might actually be able to say the right words, but we all know she's incapable of following through on them personally.

It's a scary world out there, friends!

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  1. Indeed it is! But yes, sometimes you just can't help the gallows laughter that accompanies this type of stuff-a la, "If they only KNEW who they were seeking advice FROM....." You know, I've sometimes wondered if some of these "questions" are real or if they are in fact conceived and executed by the "Advisor" to make them appear more "authoritative" and one whose opinion is in "great demand" thereby ensuring a continuing by-line in a local paper. "See how IMPORTANT I AM?" (supply, supply, supply....)

    I put absolutely NOTHING beyond the mind of a narc as they demonstrate repeatedly they're legends in their own minds. Their sneaky manipulative ways and just plain lacking in morals/ethics leads me to believe they will go to ANY lengths to secure their supply including lying and inflated Letters/Questions. So where does this "column" come from? Her own twisted warped little mind.....faux questions with faux answers. Pay attention to the content of the columns and I betcha see some....interesting 'themes.' Wonder why??!!

    Wanna bet a whole bunch of this fluff-stuff is NOT real? At ALL? I'll bet my little old lady ass the vast majority isn't any more "real" than my old lady faux greenery cascading from a faux bird-cage in a dark corner of the room. It "looks real" and for good reason-It didn't come cheap and I wanted it to brighten up a space. But baby, take a look (or a "feel") and use some common sense: There's NO light source!