Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Be A Mental Ninja

I plan on doing a couple of posts about how to deal with narcissists during the holiday season. For the most part, all of the information I have found so far in my perusal of the internet has proven to be relevant for dealing with them year-round, and not just the holidays. But, as we know, Ns are particularly adept at hurting their targets during holidays and important events, so I feel it's best to exercise our mental-karate-skills in advance, to be extra-prepared. I found the following list of particularly strong phrases to use when making a stand with a narcissist at Thinklikeablackbelt. Might be a good idea to memorize them and don't be afraid to repeat them ad nauseum if you find yourself up against a Narcissist's holiday attacks:

“Yes, I may have screwed up back then, but I’ve forgiven myself and moved on. Bringing this up again and again won’t help us improve the current situation.”

I may have had some fears in the past, but I’m willing to face them now. Here’s what I plan to do, preferably with your support, but I can do it alone as well.”

“How I show respect and honor is my own business. I’m not bound by your definitions and parameters.”

“My walk with God and my spiritual path is between God and me. I let His Word correct my actions, not the judgments of others.”

“We are not talking about dinner last week, we are talking about how you belittled me just now. Keep on topic and stop trying to deflect the subject away from yourself.”

“Interesting you would think I’m emotional. Saying that is usually a put down. I’m impassioned. I’m assertive. I’m strong minded. Besides, my emotional state is an internal and private matter, and you don’t have my permission to comment or judge me about it.”

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  1. I need to practice these until I can same them comfortably. Thanks for words to practice.