Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Gingerbread Mom

In March of 2010, I emailed DH about some nightmares that I had been having in regards to his FOO. I recently was re-reading these old emails and found them to be particularly poignant. This is what I said:

I told you about the dream I had where your mother was in it and she was a hag right? I knew it was your mother, even though it looked nothing like her in real life. But to me, that's how my subconscious sees a bad person. You know, like the witch in sleeping beauty. The witch has this fake "beautiful" external shell, but her true appearance is revealed when she does the awful thing (giving the princess the poisoned apple)...and she's that ugly hag character. That's what your mom looked like in the dream....she was a nightmare

I had a dream about your family once that I told you about....your aunt was in it too. It was mostly about them trying to sell us a house that was know, peddling pond scum to us. And then there was a part where I was in a pool and your aunt was walking around the outside of it and I was trying to find a way out, but I couldn't because every time I got to a side where I thought it was safe, she was there so I'd have to keep swimming around and around. And there were dead bodies in the pool.

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