Friday, August 5, 2011

What Goes Around Comes Around

On July 19, 2011 K.B. tweeted:

@BestWorstAdvice Whats the best way to get back @ your boyfriend make him raise a kid that isnt his

Exhibit A retweeted this phrase and asked:
@K.B. Anyone come to mind?

I could not see K.B.'s response, but Exhibit A said, "Hahahahaha" to whatever it was.

Given the context of Exhibit A's blog posts in 2009, and also given the fact that she is STILL talking about my husband over the internet on a regular basis, I read the above commentary as being directed at us.

Here's the thing that they apparently don't get: They are never going to "win DH back." I know that if faced with that fact, they would pretend they didn't want him. But I know the truth. I know that their obsession with him has everything to do with the fact that they want him back.






The question isn't if they can have him back, really. It's if he wants THEM back. And he doesn't. He doesn't want their drama and their bullshit. He doesn't want their superficiality. He doesn't want their hypocritical, small-minded, scum-bucket theories or their conceited narcissistic existence.

I had been keeping this particular set of tweets to myself because I didn't really feel like drawing attention to it. I kind of figured now was a good time to share though, since I wanted to illustrate one of the ways why I know that K.B. is no better than the rest of DH's old crowd.

It would seem DH is the only one out of the bunch of them who has changed. That's why the following quote from my previous post really stood out to me when I found it: "If you want to make enemies, try to change something." (Woodrow Wilson). DH did try to change something. Himself. And his old "pals" didn't like that.

I suppose I'd be a sore winner if I kept laughing at their expense over having lost the person that was most worth keeping around. But. They've tried so hard to have fun at our expense...and I've always believed in the saying, "What goes around, comes around."

So, ha ha ha ha ha.


  1. These people have managed to stumble upon the very best way to permanently alienate your DH...attack the person he loves the most!

    As a mum, if I had any negative feelings about DD's boyfriends I kept them to myself, knowing that the number one way, to not only lose DD, but drive her into the guy's arms was to offer my unsolicited opinion. In every single case she has dumped the guy without my input.

    Sometimes it's hard to keep my mouth shut but her personal life is exactly that...personal!

    BTW These people do seem unusually vicious!

  2. Very astute observations, as always Muldefan. You're right, it's hard to imagine how they ever thought they could win DH back all the while they were attacking me. Very strange, and rather unintelligent.

  3. Ugh.
    I saw that as directed at us too.

    I dont' want that garbage. Gar-bahge.


  4. what are they talking about? i know you got pregnant out of wedlock. hahahaha they're laughing at you, that's kind of funny. they're so blatantly shameless.

  5. How interesting that these enemies have made themselves ridiculous. --quartz