Thursday, August 11, 2011

My Husband Rocks

My DH just did some awesome things over at the Dr. Joshua Coleman forum. We realize it is a useless endeavor, as most of the estranged parents who write on that blog seem more interested in being right than in accepting responsibility for their role in their estrangements, but I still think it was amazing that he put himself out there and spoke his truths.


  1. I only realized it was futile a little too late, but still, I needed to say SOMETHING. There was just too much of the same in there, woe is me, my children are monsters of the deep, what have I done, and so on and on.

    Felt good to write and put myself out there though.

  2. Good for you, LSV! Well done. There is something empowering about being able to stand up for yourself in any way at all. It was quite amazing to read those comments and hear my NM. It's difficult to grasp that no matter what you say it isn't going to change them. I don't even visit sites like that because I know it's pointless. Of course, I don't write great lists like the one printed in the next entry, because I already know that with my NM it's pointless. Keep fighting for you.

  3. I too posted over there when Coleman was involved with blogger upsi's parents. It was promptly deleted but it felt good!

  4. ugh gross. psssssssyyyyyyyyccchhhhoooos! i especially like the top one, he's so above it all, he's wasting time on this forum.
    what is this? who the hell is this douchebag coleman in his own little fucked up corner of the internet? i saw he deleted a comment there saying "hey guys! someone wasn't being supportive so i went out back and killed him."
    hahaha, what is wrong with the world.
    these are not parents, the real parents are somewhere else, in the rest of the world.

  5. Lisa - "These are not real parents." I am a thousand times in agreeance with you. It is super frustrating reading their posts. I feel like they ALWAYS use the same arguments and they also tend to be ridiculously hypocritical (Don't judge us, you judgemental person, you!) Mmhmm, whatever people. You're the ones who are estranged from your kids. You can keep blaming them if you want, but that doesn't seem to be helping you all that much.

  6. It really is pointless to read their stuff and to comment on it. I thought it was fantastic that DH had the guts to do it, knowing that he'd be enveloped in a swarm of angry estranged parents faster than carrion being picked at by buzzards. It's just pointless in the end, to make comments directed at them. They all sound like they could be the same person making the same three arguments over and over again ad nauseum. Barf.