Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hurricane NMIL

We're still up and online here on the East Coast! We're watching the news and waiting for the storm to hit. In the meantime, other storms are crossing our paths.

DH just checked his email and found this from his NM:

From: NMIL
To: Dear Husband
Subject: Hope you are all secure and safe for this weekend's storm...
Date: August 26, 2011

If there is any emergency or you need anything for the family, I am a phone call away.

Thinking of all of you.

I love you,


As always, the attempts this woman makes to manipulate my husband are laughable. Just a few hours ago, I warned DH that it was likely he'd get contact from one or both of his parents, as they might use the hurricane as an excuse to contact him. As my dear friend Upsi pointed out once, in regards to the death of DH's childhood cat, people like NMIL and EFIL always use legitimate life events and circumstances as a means to manipulate (IE births, deaths, illness, and apparently, hurricanes).

I don't think I need to point out, Dear Readers, that this email was not sent to yours truly. That speaks volumes to me, it always has. Anyone who can't be bothered to send important emails or messages to me does not give one rat's ass about my well-being. Anyone who can't get over her own pathetic intimidation of her son's spouse in order to properly send her "concerns" must not be very genuine.

This bitch already knows we'd never call her in an emergency, so she's just putting on an act, as per usual. This is part of her, "See how much I care?" game. I knew YEARS ago, when I met her, that she'd never be on our list of reliable people. You know what, Dear Reader? When we were still in contact with her, however limited it was, she NEVER called us during any of the major blizzards or storms or power-outages we experienced. Not even when the tornado touched down in the town my husband works in and caused major damage and destruction to both his building and our home-town. Because at that point, it didn't matter. Now that she doesn't have contact with my husband, now that she's been told she CAN NOT contact him, she's all about her feigned support, "Mommy loves you" bullshit.

She's not like my mom. She falls worlds and worlds below people like my family. In fact, if we all spit, it wouldn't hit her until our children's children children were raising kids of their own. When I approached DH to discuss my predictions that he'd hear from his FOO because of the hurricane, I started by talking about how, whenever there are storms or severe weather conditions, everyone in my family is in touch with everyone else, sending out reminders (Fill up the kettle and pitchers with water in case you lose power!) and asking if everyone is all right. When the storm is over, there is a phone tree of sorts, and we all call each other to make sure everyone is safe and sound.

When we had big snow storms this winter, my mom called DH to make sure that if he was traveling in to work, he drove carefully and let everyone know that he made it in safe. My mom still calls all of her children for every storm to make sure we're all right.

I pointed that out to DH as a way to show the juxtaposition: never has DH's FOO checked in on us or made sure we were all right. Never have they called and asked where DH was if he had to travel, or whether he had made it to work okay. They never called and asked how we had fared with shoveling out our driveway or if we still had power. Never.

Until now. And now that DH isn't going to respond to her bullshit, she'll turn around and use that as evidence that he's really the one without a heart, you know, since he can't even be bothered to tell her that he's alive and stuff. How cruel of you, DH! Oh your poor, poor narcissistic mother! What ever will she do with herself, not knowing whether you've weathered out this storm.

I keep going back to the whole, "If there is an emergency, I'm just a phone call away" crap. Seriously NMIL? YOU are the emergency. We sure as hell ain't gonna be contacting you.

NMIL sweeps in, barreling towards our coast line, hoping to crash into us and knock us off our feet. But here's the thing, when we said, No Contact, we fucking meant it. No Contact means that even if someone fucking dies, we're not contacting them and they are not to contact us...and if they do contact us, they're just going to be ignored.

Well Dear Readers. We've got our water and our flashlights. And we've got each other. That's all we need.

And NMIL too, shall pass.


  1. Narcs run like hell when asked for help, so why do they even bother with the pretense of caring?

    The only time in my entire life I EVER asked my narcissistic brother for help he turned his back on me forever but not before he cut me to the quick with the kind of nasty insults that only one who knows you well can hurl.

    Your NMIL offered you her help with the full knowledge that you wouldn't take her up on it.

  2. Mulderfan - exactly, there's no way she thinks we're actually going to contact her for help in an emergency. Logistically, it wouldn't even make sense - she lives 45 minutes away from us. My mom and brother each live ten minutes from us (in either direction).

    I find it funny to imagine that woman driving through a hurricane to come rescue us. It's funny because it would never happen.

    Would my mom? Absolutely. NMIL? Not a fucking chance. Seriously, what the fuck COULD she do for us, let alone what WOULD she do? ('Cause we all know she wouldn't do shit, even if she could.)

    Fuck 'em.

  3. haha, it's funny, i was thinking irene wasn't the only hurricane in your life.
    ick! it IS weird how she only contacts DH. it's like the rest of you don't exist.
    psh, everything's an emergency and an excuse to be SOOOO WOORRRRIED about you. at this point, i don't care how worried they are, shit happens, the end. i don't want help from the likes of you. it would only come around and BITE ME in the ass twice as hard.
    it's all about her.

    my dad keeps fucking leaving me voice messages and sending me emails about how my vehicle registration is due for renewal soon and ohhh, tooo callll himm so he can heeelllpp me with that. like shit, he never helped me and he doesn't know shit himself and would only get angry at me if i asked questions and would mostly just shove it all into my lap anyway and talk about how irresponsible i am and how i have 'to learn,' when i am seriously far from irresponsible, hell.
    fucker, i've already taken care of it and i was on that dmv website before you took a breath, trying to get the hell away from you, the fuck do you think i am. i can goddamn take care of myself.
    ugh! i aint gonna call you over my vehicle registration renewal!

  4. Lisa - Oh man, those messages from your dad must be annoying and aggravating. It's SO pathetic how they "suddenly" "care" "enough" to contact you about these things that are "soooooo" "important." (Lots of air quotes there!"

    It's such fucking bullshit. Your dad doesn't give a shit, he's just using the "legitimate" situation to try and control you.