Friday, August 26, 2011

The Dishonorable Dr. Coleman

Dear Readers, it would seem that the dishonorable Dr. Coleman has removed the thread, "Many parents will not admit that they are responsible for their estrangement" from his toxic forum. I want to thank everyone who was following the debate, and all who took the time to comment there or on their own blogs about it. I believe that Dr. Coleman and his cult of estranged parents are trying to silence us. The parents on that forum, a few in particular, are trying to treat us the same way they have treated their own children. In my mind, they have declared war, and it's not something to be taken lightly.

They can not silence us.

They have no power over us.

We will continue to tell our stories, here, there, and everywhere.

We will not let Michael's initial attempt to be heard fall by the wayside.

I have already copied most of the entire thread onto my blog, where it will remain for all to see. I've written about it several times and may continue to do so in the future, for there is a lot to be learned.

We will tell the truth, even when they try to squelch it.

We will stand tall, we will fight back, we will speak up and speak out.

Keep fighting the good fight, Dear Readers.


  1. The not surprising, "lets pretend it never happened" tactic. Typical, oh so typical.

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  3. these bitches are going doooooooown!
    so completely totally, i swear my life on it.

  4. I wish they were Lisa, I really do. I wish there was somewhere we could put them to keep everyone else safe. They seem sociopathic to me.

    I have a feeling our comments on their thread are going to be deleted. Coleman won't like our lack of support for his sociopathic customers.