Tuesday, May 10, 2011

You Make Me Proud

I wanted to take a moment from my discussions of the past to talk about the card I got from my mom on Mother's Day.

On the front it read:

Daughter, it seems like only yesterday...

And the inside said:

And now my sweet little girl whose life was just beginning,
is a young woman and a mother with a family of her own.

You make me smile,
you make me proud,
and you're wished so much love.

Happy Mother's Day


Mom & Dad

My mom's card was just a card to say she loved me, with no strings attached. My mom knew she wasn't going to be getting a card or a present from us in return. I even called her a few weeks ago to tell her I might not acknowledge her on Mother's Day, because I was anticipating that DH might be having a bad day, given the circumstances, and I didn't want to hurt his feelings further. She understood and told me that she'd guessed I might do that.

DH did not end up having a bad day, in fact, he told me that he "barely had a second thought" about his mother on Mother's Day. We spent the day lounging around with our babies and stopped at my parent's house for dinner.

I had a few seconds when I nearly cried reading the card, I think because I feel sorry that there are so many people out there who don't have a mom like mine. I'm sharing her card, and her love, with you Dear Reader. My mom's love is very big and very real, and I'm sure she wouldn't mind.

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  1. Well, I'm crying here too!

    I'm imagining I had someone to say the same things to me!

    Send my love to your mom! And wish her a belated Happy Mother's Day from me! :)

  2. That is so nice. Thanks for sharing. My MIL does not send cards as she has many of us DILs but she has said it before which is nice. I have realized for years that my MIL has never mentioned to me, "Enjoy your day too!".

  3. Ooops, the last line above should read that I realized my NM (not MIL) has never told me to have a good Mother’s Day too.

  4. PA - Now you've got us (this wonderful blogging community) and, more importantly, yourself. I'm a big believer in finding your own "inner mother" to mother yourself, if you didn't have one in real life.

    Thank you, I will pass on your well wishes to my mom. She'll be happy to know I am sharing her with you. Sometimes I think my mom was born a mom. She's that kind of person that everyone goes to. She's a good listener, she's kind, she's honest, and she's right about a lot of things.

    WRB - It isn't so much about the "card" as the sentiment behind it, as you know. I'm sorry that your NM has never acknowledged you! You are special and ought to be recognized and loved. And if she won't do it, then you must surround yourself with people who will. Happy Belated Mother's day to you, WRB. You are worth it.

  5. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  6. omg did she write that herself?
    wow. its like reverse mothers day for youuu!
    it made me feel touched, then it made me feel envious, then it made me feel mad. sigh, it must be nice to be on the receiving end of so much generous, forthcoming love.
    though i guess for me, its more of a wistful thought like 'what if that kind of attitude had been my past.' it's too late now. i guess i really missed out.

  7. MammaJonsi is a role model for us all. So touched!

  8. Mulderfan and Judy - Hugs to you both

    Lisa - She didn't write the words in pink, that was the message in the card (other than "Love Mom and Dad" part). But with or without the card, she meant those words.

    I'm so sorry that you felt badly after reading the card from my mother. I'm sorry you didn't have a mother who loved you the way you needed. I think your anger is healthy and necessary! You have every right to be angry that you were treated so unfairly. You didn't deserve that.

    Upsi - My mamma is indeed a loving and strong mother bird. It's taken me some years to realize just how lucky I am. I'm happy to share her with all of you.