Tuesday, May 17, 2011

They're Gonna Stew in Their Hate Juice

I'm currently wiping the tears of laughter from my cheeks. My dear friends in the blogger community, Mulderfan, Lisa, and Shaun, have already shared their thoughts on my two most recent blog posts and what they had to share just had me in fits of hysterics.

Mulderfan pointed out how obvious it is that OG1 is a complete narc. Then she said, "Hope they all stew in their own hate juice."

Lisa Park said, "uhhhhhhhhh.....is she okay...i dont get it. she's your husband's friend's wife. wtf is she talking about. it's just so ridiculous. that whole long paragraph about being controlled. hahaha i mean seriously. what is she talking about! she doesn't know shit about anything! she really should just go away! she's your husband's not-even-close friend's wife! for god's sakes! i mean, god this is just so..out-there! it's ridiculous! it's almost hilarious! thanks for the hilarious story. wow! i was like 'seriously???' the entire time. do you have more examples of insane people? it's entertaining! hahaha 'dont pretend to be funny! this is is a sad situation! i feel sorry for you!'. HAHAHA.""

Okay, for real, Lisa. Your commentary is STILL making me laugh. I can totally sense your hysterics, which makes me laugh even harder.

Shaun said, "It sounds like there's only one real RSVP option available to you on that invitation: decline!" He shared a hilarious video clip with me that not only had me laughing, but practically illustrated a carbon copy of the OG1/DH transcript.




Oh, my dear friends, I can't. Stop. Laughing.

After this whole silly conversation went down, DH obviously didn't speak with OG1 again. He did speak to R on a daily basis, as R was not really a part of the whole deboggle, and from what I understood, felt the same way that DH did. I suppose the best way to describe my husband's take on it would be..."Huh?"

So we just talked about it a few times amongst ourselves, wondered if she would try to exact her revenge in the future, and then let it go. We sent them a Christmas card over the holidays, to be polite. OG1 sent us both a weird, sort of Olive-Leaf email saying, "Thanks for the Christmas card," which DH and I thought was odd, since most people don't send you a thank you for a holiday greeding card, they just add you to their list and send you one in return the following year.

And the next thing we knew, we got a wedding invitation in the mail addressed to DH. The truly funny thing is that, in spite of my feelings about Save the Date cards, I still would have attended the wedding with DH if he really wanted to go...and....if I had been invited.

But now, they've left us no choice. If you no-lo invite-o, then we no-lo go!

Thanks for making me laugh, dear friends! That's really the best way to handle this kind of stuff.


  1. OMFG! "Hate juice!" Hahaha!! I just wet myself.

  2. For someone purporting to follow common standards of decency and respect, sending the invitation to DH (did they include a plus one?) is the rudest possible way to proceed.

    It does hurt to find out friends are assholes, but this weeding process is essential.

    The truth is ugly, but it's better than a lie.

  3. Oh Shaun! How much does your Wanna Be Mum love you? Adult diapers in the mail.

    So OG1 wasted a stamp in order to make her petty bitchiness known? Hello? She could have definitely saved the money. Let's add an adjective: DUMB Bitch!!!