Monday, May 16, 2011

No Merit

I've turned my last post into a poem, for your viewing pleasure, Dear Reader. Enjoy. It paints a very poignant picture, I think. 

I really care about you

your relationship with R will be affected negatively
that blog entry is libelous 
and mostly 
completely false 
information that does not describe me 
or my life


skewer me 
in an anonymous, cowardly blog

that’s a lot of hatred
over something so insignificant
originally a kind intention
hatred and meanness

I don’t know if you take responsibility for your part in it…or if she does

post something nice about your family 
vitrol and hatred

I refuse to bow down to someone
you owe me that respect
instead of channeling Jonsi
I would like to hear DH.


refusing to respect me
why you have lost yourself
why can’t you take responsibility?


your relationship with her
I see a man afraid of a woman
allowing all his relationships to change 
and sometimes end

This is [all] very easily observed

Why am I being treated this way?
Why am I being treated this way?

condescending of you
I’m confused and I’m hurt

I’m a hated bitch

refusing to give in to unreasonable and controlling demands
I’m sure you are sending all of this to Jonsi
I deserve some answers.


no merit

disappointed in you
hurt by the violence



  1. jesus. what is she talking about. responsibility for actions? bitch plz! 'allowing all his relationships to change and sometimes end.'
    uh she makes that sound like a bad thing.
    that's what relationships do! they change and sometimes end!
    i dont think 'hate' is bad..i feel hate sometimes. it's a moral navigator. it's the people who call 'hate! hate!' and wag their fingers in your face that really suck. i hate THOSE people.
    now THATS hate. the pointless disgusted immoral nonsense kind. the people who think standing up for yourself is hate. that's destructive people.
    we hate hate. we hate whats supposed to be hated.

  2. Let's all be nice - you should be nice, DH, and your wife should be nice, too. Except ME when I want to attack her - that's not hate, that's something else.

    drama queen

    That's her.