Friday, May 6, 2011

My Wedding Dress

Huge garment bag
hanging over the door
something heavy inside

my wedding dress

She wants to know
what it looks like
she squeals and she sighs

i refuse

Comes to the conclusion
that I'm superstitious
figures that's why

she's wrong

it's just No
you can't see
my wedding dress


  1. My Nm offered to pay for my wedding dress and I stupidly accepted because money was tight. She then picked the dress. Beautiful, but not a bride's dress at all, because she said I was "used goods" and not entitled to wear such a dress.

    Right now, I'm watching "Say Yes to the Dress" and it still pisses me off, 31 years later, that I allowed her that much control of my life!

  2. Mulderfan, I would never call you stupid. Uninformed, misguided, perhaps. But never stupid.

    Your mother is a bitch, plain and simple. How disgusting to have resorted to name calling and belittling comments because she wanted to feel better about her own emptiness.

    You have a right to feel pissed off over what she did.

    And your feelings are exactly why I knew I wouldn't let NMIL have control over mine. "Can I see the dress?" She asked. I just looked at her and said, point blank, "no." No explanation, no excuse, no pretty words. Just no. She didn't have to say she thought I was "used goods" and I didn't have to say, "Fuck off, bitch." We both knew exactly what the other was thinking.

  3. The dress is so symbolic - any bride knows that. If she wanted some girly bonding time with you, she sure started on the wrong foot with you to be "chumming it up" at any point. Sorry, NMIL, if I don't feel all warm and fuzzy with someone who wants me gone.

    Can't have it both ways, narc.