Monday, April 18, 2011

Dear Husband

DH and I met in the February of 2009 and a number of wonderful things happened, all at once. Some people in our shoes might have been overwhelmed, worried, and unsure of themselves. I feel, as I've always felt with him, happy, lucky, and content. DH came to me during a time in my life when I was finally beginning to see my own worth as a human being and I honestly felt that we deserved each other. I remember telling my Mom that I felt different about this one...I felt drawn to him. I still do. All the good that came down the pike represented the things I had waited my entire life for: a man who loves me as much as I love him, children, a house, a dog, and a partridge in a pear tree.

I've always seen the potential in DH - he is such an amazing person, with a good heart. I can't say that enough. At his core is a sensitive, kind, thoughtful, and generous spirit. He comes from a very dysfunctional FOO, and as a result, learned some extremely destructive behaviors. But I've always felt that his behaviors, the things he does, have not taken away from the spirit he has inside of him. This is not to say that his actions don't matter - they absolutely do - as do mine and everyone else - but I know who he is, and he is so much more than his dysfunctions.

I'll be spending a great deal of time on this blog discussing DH's dysfunctional roots, and how we're learning, together, how to replant ourselves in much healthier soil. The truth is, no one can get rid of the past - we just have to dig ourselves up and move to a more fulfilling place.

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