Sunday, October 7, 2018


I have decided that it's time.

Through years of blogging, I had always thought that I would keep my blog up and intact, long after I had officially decided to stop writing. But quite recently, I decided that it's time. Time to stop blogging on this topic. Time to move on. Time to stop worrying about presenting these particular thoughts and concerns to the blogging world. Time to stop seeking comfort and reassurance from the wonderful community of bloggers and readers that I became a part of when I started blogging eight years ago.

I have read and re-read my posts here and the thousands of comments and emails I've received from friends and fellow-bloggers. So many have left the community we built, for a variety of reasons - most I haven't spoken with for quite some time. I can't list everyone who helped me along my journey (both because there are so many of you, but also because I don't want to accidentally leave anyone out.) But I want you all to know that I have loved being a part of this blogging community and that each of you offered me so much that I am truly grateful for.

This is my last post. My last chance to offer you all [hugs].

To all the Ungrateful Little Bastards and members of the Angry DIL's Club; to all the ACONs and Seekers of Knowledge: This is my final farewell. May the band forever play on, may you find solace in community, may you find the answers that you seek, may you find the love you didn't get from your narcissistic parents and may you perpetually See with Open Eyes.

Seek the Truth, always. You'll find it in the Details.

Thank you for being my support system and my friends.